Inconsistency of play button for paid access games on console

I spoke with an xbox user who was using an alternate account, and Roblox showed the standard play button to join a game even though she hasn’t bought access to the game. When trying to click, she gets an error message. This gives false assumption a game can be played on Xbox.
I enabled the game to support console with paid access, yet the user responded it showed the same thing of being unable to buy access to the game or play it.



I also remember in the past games that weren’t available on Xbox couldn’t be found when searching for them yet now you can. Was this change intentional when the Xbox app was reddesigned?

Original post

Original title: Console can buy access to games that doesn’t have it as a playable device
What’s happening:
Multiple console users have reported to me that they can buy access to my game ( even though it’s not available for console. I can’t test this since I don’t own an Xbox, but I’m hoping this also applies to other games. When they try to join, Roblox gives them an unjoinable error.

P.S. This is not an encouragement for anyone to buy access to the game. The game was linked so hopefully someone with an xbox can confirm this bug.

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I guess to counteract the bug just say the game isn’t on console?

Disclosing your game’s name or link is not advertising to my knowledge, unless you are doing it specifically to promote your game. Its fine if it is in a bug report.

I’ve added that to the description of the game. I really hope this gets fixed soon and others can also confirm this.