Inconsistent Animation Playback Issue


So I’m working on this thing, and everything’s going fine, but there’s this one issue that’s bothering me. The animation playback is fine on every humanoid except one of a player’s character.
Let me show you.

Here’s what the animation is supposed to look like, and what it actually does look like for NPC humanoids:

Everything works together nicely, and that’s all fine.

Here’s where the problems begin to arise, however. This is what the exact same animation looks like for a player character:

I’m sure you can notice the very obvious difference.
(no it’s not a problem with the mesh btw)

I made sure that no animations could possibly be overwriting it, even to the point where I disabled anything that could possibly tamper with the animation. This ADS animation was the only one playing in the 2nd screenshot.
What’s even stranger is that in the first screenshot, other animations are playing (an idle animation), but that one still works fine.

I’m totally lost. Any help is appreciated.


I hate to be that guy that bumps topics without replies, but I still can’t figure this out. Please help.

Does the animation have the same animation priority? If it does, the idle animation might override the ADS animation

The idle animation’s priority is Idle (I would assume, it’s a default Roblox animation), and the ADS animation’s priority is Action2.

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Perhaps the you have the problem with how the animation is animated then?
In the first screenshot,the hands seems to animate properly.
In the second screenshot, the hand seems to offset a bit, colliding with each other.
Try checking if the animation is animated correctly in the studio again.
Otherwise, I’m out of idea helping ya

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Yea, I checked out the actual animation, and it looks good. I’m beginning to believe this may be a bug, but I am incapable of posting on bug reports (for some reason).

Is the gun a tool?

From what I understand, tools inherently have an ‘equipped’ animation that affects the legs, baked into the default animation script.

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Yea, it’s a tool. That might be it, actually. I may have forgotten to remove the default hold animation.

I take this back. I ended up removing it, and it still looks poor. I’m really stumped.

Even so, I can’t help but be suspicious that some innate tool behavior is what’s messing with your animation - try writing a localscript with the express purpose of playing it and see if that works

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I did just that, and it still is doing that, leading me to suspect that this may be some obscure either rigging issue or Roblox bug that I’m not aware of.

When you publish an animation, the name of the Motor6Ds used in the rig you play it on have to match exactly with the ones used at the time of publishing - are you using any uniquely-named joints on either yourself or the NPC the animation was created on?

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Nah, it’s a default Robloxian 2.0 R15 rig with nothing added except for clothing items and accessories.

The solution was, as usual, super obvious and a complete oversight from me.

The NPC rig and Character rig were different. Their Motor6Ds C0 and C1 differed. I assume this is because I got the 2 rigs from different sources, perhaps. I got them so long ago, I’ve forgotten how I obtained them in the first place.


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