Inconsistent Blockcast/Raycast Hit Position on Client & Server

PC Info: Windows 11, 22621
Date First Experienced: 1/24/2024
Date Last Experienced: 2/9/2024

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open Roblox Studio & Create a part
  2. Rotate the part in any way (Could be 20, 30 degrees)
  3. On both Client & Server, raycast (Issue is present on all forms of raycasting) from a position in the world, towards the part.

Please note that it might take many tries to get a reproduction, I have attached a RBXL file which has a consistent reproduction: BlockcastBug Repro.rbxl (53.0 KB)

Video of the issue:

Expected Behavior: The raycast hit position should be exactly the same on the Client & Server.
Actual Behavior: The raycast hit position is slightly off, or in certain cases can hit a completely different part.

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See Raycast Result is different on Client and Server - #13 by subcritical

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