Incorrect documentation for reserved server access codes in Teleporting Between Places article

Issue Description
The following text is present in the Teleporting Between Places tutorial article:

A reserved server code is a unique identifier for a private server, found in DataModel.PrivateServerId. The only way a player can join a reserved server is being teleported with the reserved server code. If a private server is a VIP server, select players are able to join the server from the website.

Reserved server access codes and ids are not the same thing. Reserved server access codes are not identifiers nor are they kept in PrivateServerId. Beyond a code check, Roblox does not store or track access codes and it is instead the developer’s job to do so.

This section should cover all three. An apt heading could be “JobId, PrivateServerId and Reserved Server Codes” to umbrella the three and explain the difference and application of each one.

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Page URL: Teleporting Between Places


Sorry for the late reply!
We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Thanks for the report!


This has been corrected. Thanks for your report!


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