Incorrect Game Icon / Game Icons Not Synced

Fairly recently (approximately three to four weeks ago), my game icons fail to update when in the ‘tiled’ format (unsure if there’s an actual name for it), but when I visit the settings, it’s the one I updated it with last.


Game Link: ❄️ Rails Unlimited ❄️ - Roblox

I tried clearing my cache and browsing data such as cookies, but that didn’t fix it. I’m not sure if I’m the only one with this problem, but it seems like it given that I looked for this similar issue on the DevForum and found nothing relevant. It is not a Chrome extension issue, as I disabled Roblox+ and refreshed, and the issue persisted.

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Could you attach the game link where this occurs?

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My game icons for Case Clicker (Case Clicker - Roblox) and Pinata Simulator (Pinata Simulator - Roblox) have also been having synchronization problems and sometimes even after I upload the icon a few minutes later it will revert back to the old one. I usually have to upload my icons 3-5 times before they stop reverting theirself. I’ve been noticing this problem since translated game icons were added but as of the past few days it’s been even worse than before.

I also have this issue. I found out to fix it, click the delete button on the top right of the game icon on the configure screen and then upload your new icon.


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