Incorrect intellisense descriptions for string.lower / upper / char

The description for string.lower in Roblox Studio states that it receives a string and returns a copy of it in all uppercase which is incorrect as it does the exact opposite.

This bug will occur every time, you can view it by beginning to type out the method.


I’m not sure how long this defect has been around, I picked up on it recently and thought it would be worth mentioning despite how little of an impact it has.

To fix this I would simply change “uppercase” to “lowercase” in the description.

Edit: To add on, I just noticed a similar issue with string.upper and string.char being that they both display an incomplete description.

string.upper is missing “uppercase. All other characters are left unchanged.” at the end.

string.char is missing “internal numerical code equal to its corresponding argument.” at the end.

This leads me to believe that rather than string.lower having an incorrect description, it has an incomplete description as it is missing “changed to lowercase.” at the end.


It looks like it’s getting cut off, rather than an error with the description itself


Thanks for this report. We will add this bug to the ticket queue, and keep this thread updated on when this issue will be fixed.


A fix for this issue is now live. Thanks for your patience.