Incorrect “not in scope” in “My Watches” while debugging

I have this table CelulaAux that is declared local CelulaAux at the beginning of the script.
I want to watch its content.
While debugging, I can watch it only pointing the mouse over its name:

But if I add it to “my watches”, I get “not in scope”:

Why, if at the same time I can see its content using the mouse over the name, but I can’t see it in “my watches”?

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Hi rogeriodec_games,

Thanks for the report! Can you take a look at How to post a Bug Report and follow the instructions there? Including steps to reproduce the issue will help us investigate the issue. Thanks!


It’s simple:

  1. Create a LocalScript inside StartedGui like this:
local d = {a=1, b=2, c=3}
local function x()
  1. Set a breakpoint to line 3 (print):

  2. Play (F5) and stop the mouse over the “d” dictionary (there you can see the complete dictionary):

  3. Right-click “d” and Add Watch:

  4. In the Watch window, you’ll get “not in scope”: