Incorrect profile pictures

Hello! In the Developer Forum you can see my profile picture. Except it is incorrect, this is not what my avatar looks like.
It had been happening ever since i joined the forums, that is what my avatar looked like when i joined.

Incorrect picture:

Correct picture:

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After minutes and seeing this post, it appears that you have the correct profile picture as expected.

The problem that you reported is not a bug, and yes, an intended behavior. If you want to change your profile picture, you need to rejoin the Developer Forum by logging out and logging in.

Here is an actual link where the company account of Roblox explains it:

Hope this can help you out!


Oh yeah, didnt notice that, i moved browsers and had to log back in.

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No, it says it is the last login info.
I believe they could fix it, didn’t intend to do that bug; yet are too lazy to fix it.

Maybe I’m wrong.

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