Increase Character Limit for Game Updates

I’ve seen a lot of people asking about this, so I am just putting it into a formal request.

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently too challenging to use the Game Update function because of the sixty character limit. I believe that the limit should be increased to the former Twitter maximum of 140 characters. This will allow developers to give real updates and enough text to provide context and other information if needed.

As you can see below, such few characters were allowed that I was unable to provide and time and place for an event. I think that this will be a struggle for many games, groups, and developers.

*I now see the typo in the picture. Ignore that please, thanks.


This statement that I’m writing is a hundred and forty characters. I don’t think it’s quite enough to divulge the main features of an update

I’d prefer the current twitter limit, 280. Developers would be able to convey the entire purpose of an update, as well as a quick thank-you message or something. I’m going to fill out this paragraph until it is 280 characters, but I’ll have to strive to think of something to say.

And that’s the point: make it long enough for developers to comfortably fit their statement, but not so much as to allow for spamming the notifications feed.

Seems to be it. Announcement has been posted with official statement on character limit: