Increase in asset loading failures since April 24th

As of recently, I’ve seen a large increase in users reporting that various areas of the map in Car Crushers 2 are appearing invisible.

Here is a video where you can see the issue on the Car Crushers 2 map. This map has mixture of meshparts, unions and native roblox parts. The native roblox parts are still showing up as expected, but many of the meshes and unions are invisible:

Some users are also reporting that only Car Crushers 2 is affected, but I can’t confirm this. If this is the case, it may be because of the large amount of unique vehicles (And belonging meshes) the game has, or the fact that the entire map is 100% transparent server-side. (Clients enable the transparency on the map locally when they can see it)

But this hasn’t been an issue previously, and we didn’t make any updates prior to this influx of reports. Players have occasionally been reporting these type of loading issues happening to car meshes in the game, but almost never the map. Especially not at the scale I’ve been seeing since April 24th.


The attachment seems broken. This content is no longer available.

Can you reupload it (preferably directly to the devforum, If you hit size limits, you can upload to Imgur, download the mp4 which is now significantly optimized, and upload it), as well as include your logs from the session?

Are you able to provide the asset id and/or hash for any of the assets that are failing to load?

@Subcritical_alt @CorvusCoraxx

Here is a slightly trimmed version of the video. Some of the assets that appear invisible in the video are: (MeshIds)

  • rbxassetid://3511566596
  • rbxassetid://3587914744
  • rbxassetid://3587915361
  • rbxassetid://3511569146
  • rbxassetid://3511563941

There are no asset loading errors in the console, and it seems to be most frequent on mobile devices from the reports I’ve seen (Same with my experience). I just tried playing on an android phone and desktop using the same network. The desktop loaded all these meshes no problem, but the phone had a few of them missing (But not as many missing as in the above video)

Hi there,
Looks like when the new CSG API was released on the 24th, a rendering feature meant to remove flicker during in experience operations caused some meshes to not render properly. This feature is now disabled and so everything should be back to normal.

We were able to fully reproduce this in house so we will make sure there is no impact when fix is released

Thanks for the report,


Thank you, if this is what I think it was, it was affecting users in Jailbreak. I’ll keep an eye out for future reports.

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