Increase Level of Moderation in the Weekends

Every Saturday or Sunday there’s a post that comes out which is absolute chaos. Today’s chaotic episode was this
Which was open for 3 hours.

I don’t understand why there’s a decreased level of moderation in the weekends. Moderators don’t check flags, and mostly inactive.

Its probably related to moderators taking breaks, which is reasonable. But isn’t there a switch that happens between moderators in between these breaks? Mod Team 1 takes break, Mod Team 2 takes its place.


You are right, on Saturdays there’s little moderation, and also on Sundays, so yes, there’s a lot of risk of bad links like during the time when there were the topics like “Why girls don’t like me”

And also during the night in the USA, when it’s night in the USA most moderation is sleeping, meaning that there’s way less moderation, meaning that sometimes topics like that get moderated hours later, strangely there seems to not be a moderation team in some other part of the world, that can check the DevForum during the night in the USA

Also side note, the topic you chose broke into chaos because there was the guy that kept answering with ChatGPT and it broke into chaos, I suggest you read it all, it’s very funny, really the topic was to talk about people that use ChatGPT to ‘help’


Yes, I know. I watched the entire thing.