Increase playtime and retention

My new game has a significantly terrible playtime and retention. The concept itself isn’t extremely great for both of these categories, and I’ve tried optimizing both. What else can I do, if anything, to improve these stats?


D1 Retention:

(Game hasn’t been out long enough for D7 retention)

Game link: 💩 poo in a box! - Roblox

Add something in your game that seems fun and repetitive like the games that you mostly play on roblox. But at the same time, it should fit your game’s theme and genre.

What makes you want to play those games again?

And is the game fun? For long periods of time in your perspective?

What specifically do you think would help boost retention and playtime for my game? (Link at the bottom of this post).

The game seems to be quite laggy and could be the poop spawning and the amount of it seems to be visible on everybody’s screen.

The thumbnail and game icon is quite lackluster as the thumbnail is from someone else so it could be copyright.

The tutorial needs a little more updating as in using arrows to guide the player to where they need to go.

Seems to be alot of UI on the screen especially paided buttons usually on the right.