Increase space limits for media

As a Roblox developer, is it annoying to cut 10,2 MB video to 10 MB.

And I am suggesting to increase it at least up by 5 MB.

I know that there is opinion to upload it on other website, but it’s not worth it.

Even got 18,5 MB limit for audios!


Discourse is not awesome in hosting media. Consider using handbrake to compress your videos.

It’s a bit difficult to cut 10.2 MB videos to 10MB, also I don’t recommend using third party tools that isn’t either owned by roblox nor discourse

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I think it would be a better idea if, for small overflows like just being 0.2MB too large, the forum automatically applied some compression to get it just under 10MB, so the effect isn’t very visible. Increasing the max size will only lead to the same problem, where your video can be just 0.2MB too large for the new, extended limit.