Increase to DevEx Monthly Limits

15% in Lithuania, can raise up to 17% if I am forced to open a company or something like that.

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-researches tax havens-


I don’t know if your reply serious or a joke :thinking:

I would! But I also have my own project to take care of. :open_mouth:
I mean, if you want to join … :wink:

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Oh! Question.
Is developing games on ROBLOX officially considered a ‘hobby’? Or is it considered a ‘job’ because we deliver services?
If it’s a hobby, according to my dad, we won’t have to pay the big tax of 52% (Depending on the value of course, this is the highest tax I believe) :smile: I will have to pay for capital tax, but that’s about 2% - 3% a year I believe and, if I spend the money on something like shares, or any other investements, I’d have to pay less value in tax. :slight_smile:

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Not sure what he is going on about, I don’t really think “hobby” has any technical meaning when it comes to taxes? Income from DevEx is taxable income in the Netherlands, you have to report taxes if your total income goes above a certain threshold (look it up at the tax authority websites, I don’t know the number at the moment). If you reinvest your money in certain ways you can deduct it from your income but you will still have to file it.


That is definitely true.
But I’ve done a bit of research and found this.

As explained there, it does have an impact on your taxes.
Those are only two sources, my dad and this site, but if those say it… :open_mouth:

Edit: Although, if other people from the Netherlands have already DevExed and did have to pay taxes, then it’s probably false information lol.

This is US tax information, whereas you pay your taxes to the Dutch tax authorities (not to the US’s one), so this is not really relevant for you.


Ahh okay! Thanks :slight_smile: