Increase to DevEx Monthly Limits

Hello Roblox Developers!

As Roblox continues to expand, we have been witnessing incredible milestones achieved one after another. Developers continue to create outstanding content which attracts and enchants our user base. This month has been no exception with fantastic new titles bringing life to the Games page.

This brings us to today’s announcement, as some of you have already noticed the monthly DevEx cap has increased… greatly. Thank you all for the feedback we received regarding previous updates including the exchange rate increase announced earlier this year. Everyone’s constructive feedback on the changes helped reshape some of our initial plans. At the time we announced a one time no limit cash out for folks to clear old Robux from their balance, and a ton of you responded to this feature. So many in fact that I was unable to get back to everyone personally (sorry about that). After reviewing and discussing all the feedback it was clear that a one time cash out wouldn’t solve the balance problem for all developers. It also failed to address upcoming developers and general scalability issues in the future. So while we have more plans to improve the Developer Exchange in the future, today we are officially increasing the cap to accommodate more developer’s needs.

Starting today (May 10th), we have added three new Developer Exchange cashout brackets. The new brackets can be found on the Developer Exchange page.

What this means for you?

Developers can now cash out monthly for:

  • 80M Robux for 280,000 USD
  • 150M Robux for 525,000 USD
  • 300M Robux for 1,050,000 USD
  • You can now be a millionaire in a month!

We hope this increase helps inspire all of our developer community to strive higher and keep creating awesome experiences.

Happy developing!


without having to compete on a gameshow


anyone wanna make a million dolla game hmu :slight_smile:


and I’m just excited to cash out 100k robux for the first time… :slight_smile:


This is kind of confusing, since the “help” page says that the maximum amount you can cash out is $140,000


Crazy, thank you for continuing to improve the Developer Exchange.

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Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I have forwarded the information to the team in-charge.


It feels weird to know 45% of anything over £150k will be taxed IN THE UK if you know what schemes to max out you can really get a bit of moola before tax starts kicking in


Soon ‘Murderer in a Jail with other GMod Gamemode Tycoon Brick Bronze’ will make me a millionaire!

Anyway, thanks a lot for this. I doubt I’ll get the opportunity to use it but I can hope :slight_smile:


I’m on it.


Impressive :open_mouth:

I wonder who will be the first lucky person to become a millionaire by Dev ex :thinking:


Same in the Netherlands. :frowning: Not sure about the cap, but I know that it’s about 42% tax I’d have to give away :sob:

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It’s actually 52% above 65,000 euros / 71,000 dollars

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It caps out at 39.6% for anything over $418,400 in the US. £150,000 runs you around 30% here.


MM2 guy probably. He was #1 top earning for like 2 years it feels like.


My goodness that’s crazy. Alright, who wants to make a game with me? I’ve got some free time on the weekends.


I’m drooling…,


I hope we can do an DevEx for Amazon gift cards in the future and buy BC/R$ with Amazon payments, that’s an method to obtain lots of items w/o going though the tax system :wink: although only stuff on Amazon. I can order all my bulk supplies for cheap :cool:

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