Increasing Premium Payouts

Nice! We need that extra revenue as developers


Wow, time and time again! This is definitely going to give another upper hand for developers that don’t have front-page or pay-to-win games. Can’t wait for more improvements coming through the rest of this year for developers.


I see what you did there. :smile:


This is simple amazing more developers have the chance to get an increase in there income!
I CANT WAIT! :money_mouth_face:


How come it’s increasing? Is there a motivation behind this, like to get more games on the market? Is Roblox just doing it because they want to better support popular games, which will then come to rely on premium payouts, and then start to paywall features and only allow certain things to premium users? Or, less conspiracy-y, do you just want to support devs more?


Woo yeah! I love how you guys are pushing the boundaries! This can potentially help small developers, now what I am waiting for next is video frames! :flushed::fire:


This is awesome. Thank you guys so much for listening to the community and their suggestions.


The tripling in April was permanent too, hence Premium Payouts have been increased by about 5x since originally launched.


Will there be something for devs which have their game stuck to their profile?

We can’t transfer the premium payouts to other devs without having an extra 30% tax rate ontop of the robux.

Right now, the gameowner from the game that i work on earns 20% more than what i earn, even though he completely quit working on the game since 3 years ago and wanted me to have all of the robux that the game makes.


Love this change! I normally use premium payouts to earn robux. Thank you so much! :smiley:


Although many are arguing for a dev-ex rate increase, you need to at least partially support that ROBLOX is making efforts to make exchanging faster, easier, and with greater amounts, with the new initiative and raising of premium payouts. Exciting news and look forward to taking advantage of this update. :smiley:


This is a great and significant thing for us the developers. But, there is still some stuff you could improve.

Firstly, I think that DevEx support is almost non-existent. At the end, ROBLOX Staff can’t/aren’t allowed to tell you stuff about your Moderation History. I think this is a joke, because I do not know if I’m even eligible for Developer Exchange or not. And the thing is, that I see the cash out button only if there’s 100k in my account, but I can not exchange without a clear moderation history, that is why I need that information. If I shouldn’t see it and have 100k in my account, what should I do?

Secondly, I think there’s a small thing wrong with the DevEx rates. You could let people risk their accounts by going to shady websites or you can give people a higher DevEx rate. I’ve seen people getting 700 USD for 100k Robux, whilst ROBLOX pays 350 USD. I think it would be a premium benefit if you added something that gives Premium Users a higher DevEx pay rate, however, you need to be a Premium member for 5 months already to get that benefit.

Thirdly, it is not fair that the paying Customers have almost the same benefits as the non-paying ones. I honestly won’t spend any money on Premium any longer, since it gives you no other benefit than ROBUX. You could e.g. lower the ROBLOX “Tax” for Premium Users and higher the “tax” for non-premium users.

However, a lot of Developers and I are grateful that ROBLOX is starting to actively support and boost us, this is a really nice thing to make ROBLOX more convenient.


I don’t think Roblox will be changing taxes back to the way they used to work. Premium wasn’t meant for developers I think but instead players. Developers should not be paying monthly just to get a better fairer cut of their revenue when they have been making people get the Robux in the first place (besides the catalog).


This is phenominal.
I remember I was getting like 257 Robux from only, like 100 some visits.
Now, this will probably peak to 600+!
Thanks Roblox!


It would be awesome if they did that

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The tripling was not permanent?

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Are there any reliable stats on Premium Payouts?

Seeing these improvements are great an all, but the last time I attempted making research on this topic, most players involved discussed how little they actually receive.

Considering Roblox officially states that Premium enables in-game advantages, developers deserve a sum enough to encourage the catering of this feature. I would like to see Premium enable actual features within a game, not the basic 5 minute change to enable a slight profit to a developer.
(I did not read all replies and may have missed my answer above)


I believe it’s up to the developers to implement in game advantages.

Yes, it is.
That means Roblox is stating something they are offering for the purchase of Premium where the developers are truly in charge of the worth of Premium for games. If I bought Premium and all I unlocked was a basic congratulations message yet the game would prompt me purchases to get premium, I’d find the value a lot lower.

Are premium payouts subjected to the same 30% marketplace fee that other sources of revenue have? Or are they exempt from said fee?