.__index showing up

When accessing a new class that has been created you get the methods and whatnot.
The problem I have is that when im accessing something it also shows “.__index”

local class = {}
class.__index = class

function class.new()
 local self = setmetatable({}, class)

return self

when accessing it will show this:


--I want this to be hidden how do I do it?

Ur example is empty can u fix that


It auto saved sorry. What about now?

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Your life would probably be easier if you worked around it.

Why is it important that you have to hide .__index anyways?

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You could use a table local to the ModuleScript your class is in to store all members specific to the instance of the class (the table returned from the .new function):

local Class = {}
local ClassInstance = {}
ClassInstance.__index = ClassInstance

function Class.new()
   return setmetatable({}, ClassInstance)

function Class.SomeFunc()


function ClassInstance:SomeMethod()


return Class

This additionally has the effect that you can separate visibility of class functions (like Class.SomeFunc) from instance methods (like ClassInstance:SomeMethod).

The perspective from a script requiring the module shown above would look like this:

local Class = require(Path.To.Class)

--You have access to the `new` and `SomeFunc` function but not the `SomeMethod`
local myClassInstance = Class.new()
--From the `myClassInstance` variable you can access the `SomeMethod` function
--Although the `__index` does still show up under autocomplete in studio

local class = {}
class.interface = {}
class.schema = {}
class.metatable = {__index = class.schema}

function class.interface.new()
    local self = setmetatable({}, class.metatable)
    return self
function class.schema:foo()

return class.interface
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Why are there 4 tables in this example instead of two?

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The class itself is obviously the class.

The interface is the main class interface, usually constructors or management.

The schema is the interfaces methods.

The metatable is the index being set to the schema.

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No I mean whey are there four tables instead of the typical:

Car = {}
mCar = {}
mCar.__index = mCar

function Car.new()
    local car = {}
    setmetatable(car, mCar)

    return car

function mCar.Drive()

The reasons are listed in the post I link, but in general:

  • It makes autocomplete not list .__index and static methods on class objects
  • You can seperate out static methods from object methods

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