Indian GFX would appericiate if you can give your opinion

Hello, So this is my first topic on,

These are a few of my GFX created by me for a game, Don’t mind the date of one of them, that game is running on delay

  1. This is my first GFX:


  1. This is my second GFX:


Both are South Indian based, on Films.


Looking low-quality and not lively.
For example, the first one does not look like a GFX but a screenshot of an old roleplay game, because there’s not enough motions and effects.
The second one, first of all, all the texts have ugly fonts and are placed quite randomly, it is weird how the character is situated in a dark corner of a room…
If you can make something like this
OFC with indian thug theme, with a large attractive text and a small info box at the corner a bit about the game, it would be perfect.
Last thing, watch the grammar, it’s “on Roblox” and not “in Roblox”.


Very low quality not at all good needs improvement + looks like those weird full of weird effects indian movies

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Thank you for the feedback, I will try to improve myself next time and learn from my current mistakes.


I am still new to the field of GFX, I mostly post my GFX on my dizzy server but the members reply it is good, So it makes it hard for me to find out mistakes, But thank you for the feedback.

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Let’s try to be a tiny bit more friendly :smiley: Just a tiny bit more.

That’s the truth :rofl:

Could use a lot of improvement, including using dedicated software to render out the scenes (i.e. blender, maya, octanerender, etc.), some added touch ups, some more. Maybe remove the text on the second, unless you don’t want to. In that case, you might want to organize the text so it looks a little less of a mess.

You can also use YouTube and watch a few tutorials to help you and go from there.


hmm ok thanks! sorry hehe

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The first one is objectively 100% better then the second since it has an actual background (unlike the bland black background), and the fonts are mismatched on the second.

Also, you should use the emulation window to screenshot this, and I’d recommend picking “Actual Resolution” on the dropdown in the resolution window instead of fit to window.


Staying consistent with your design will help out a lot here.


b-but… what if I want to be extremely rude? :pleading_face: :point_right::point_left:


The last part of this comment made me laugh. I apologize, but yes I agree let’s be a bit more friendly here! Haha

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It’s pretty good since it gives me that “Bollywood” feeling! Add ( a little) funky effects since it’s the CORE HEART of bollywood.

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not the best the first one is just a picture in Brookhaven which isn’t even rly a gfx
the second is way to messy you don’t need a flag you don’t need to say that its for all devices either

Not sure what your device specs are but as others have said you should use a software that supports a good render engine like blender’s cycles

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I can understand your point, But both are my first GFX Tries,

Brook and the 1st Image do have similarities but the 1st Image is made based on ‘Ala Vaikuntha Puram lo’

The second one is based on ‘KGF Chapter-2’. It is a promo made for one of my games.

Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it a lot, A few of the criticizes did make me sad but also made me realize, I should rely on for getting true reviews.

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I would add a little more glow to them then I think it would be quite nice