Indicate the locations of errors, warnings & find results in the script editor's scrollbar


As a Roblox developer, it is currently difficult to locate errors / warnings / find (Cntrl+F) results in a long script. A simple underline is not visible enough if I want to hunt down these things quickly in lengthy script. Plus, I’ll mostly waste my time slowly scrolling through the entire script especially when I don’t know where the errors / warnings are.

VS Code not only has a minimap, but also a scrollbar highlighting the approximate locations of the errors, warnings, or find results. Below, red represents errors while yellow is find results. Also, notice very faint gray mark at the top indicating the current line where the cursor is.

This makes it so easy to scroll through and fix my errors or view my find results as opposed to slowly scrolling through the entire file.

Therefore, I believe Roblox Studio’s script editor should also have this translucent scrollbar with parts of it highlighted to better help us locate these errors, warnings, and find results in the script. Ideally, the colors should match the script editor theme colors (i.e. Error Color, Warning Color, Find Selection Background Color, Current Line Highlight Color, etc.).

Use Cases

One of the biggest is forgetting / not noticing that there are any errors in your script before executing it. If you could see the red marks in the scrollbar, you know you have some fixing to do before finalizing the script.

Plus, it gives a general count of how much work you have left before you can successfully run the script. This is especially useful when you’re modifying certain scripts made by other devs while trying to learn it. I personally find it satisfying to be able to check off these errors as I solve them and be able to see visible results in the scrollbar.

If this was added, it’d improve my development experience because I can save my time debugging and navigating my script if I know the locations of errors, warnings, and find results. I don’t want any silly surprises when I run the script only to find a misspelled variable name or a syntax error.

Thank you.