Indigo Engine / Framework | Brand new FPS Framework Engine

Hello! My name is PolyHall and I am working on an fps engine called Indigo Engine. There has been a lot of progress made on it. Currently, there is -

  • ADS
  • Sprinting
  • Realistic like bullet travel
  • Dry reloading and basic reloading
  • Recoil
  • Crouching
  • Bullet Drop

Most features have been finished! Here is a video showcasing everything new!

Me: Scripting / Music composition
Winbrr: Managment / Lead modeling
Drissy: Management / Lead animation
Little Illustrations: Animator
Milspecy: Animator
Jarold741: Management / Lead Map Designer
Superior21V2: Map Design

– Test Place
Indigo Framework Gun Testing Place - Roblox

Please leave some suggestions for the engine! Thanks, PolyHall.


I have 2 questions, One does it have mobile support for mobile players. Two how much would it cost for me to purchase this from you if it had mobile support


It looks amazing and really good compared to others I have seen.


Mobile support is in progress, sadly this engine will not be for sale :frowning: Thank you for the feedback though, I really appreciate it!

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I can’t wait for the mobile support! Will this be in a game you are making?

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Yes, the game we are making is called Turning Point. It is an FPS Zombie Survival game. You can see the description of that video to see progress of it.

Ok thanks can’t wait for it. I will probably forget so if you wanna remind me message me At Hamster#9948

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I’d say you should make it so you go slightly faster when you sprint so it is more fast paced. Also when you crouch it should lower the spread and make the gun more accurate.

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