Indistinct Studios

Here at Indistinct Studios, we aim to deliver a kind welcoming community and make our members happy that they visited us and got support. We want to grow the ROBLOX job genre.

The first job role is Community Manager that will manage mostly discord, group, filling out reports, development, suspension, moderating

The second job role is an Administrator that will manage discord, group, filling out moderator reports, etc.

The third job role is an Moderator that will support fellow members and community and moderate the discord and game.


  • Must be mature.
  • Must be willing to take on any task given.
  • Must be active within our community.
  • Must be able to benefit us such as helping us grow, and doing daily tasks that will benefit our group.
  • Must be 13+.
  • Overall, you need to be a great person who can help us with anything.

Payment won’t be until we start growing money and saving up.

You can message me on Discord Direct#3348
Please apply via email we will send you it via discord.

Thank you for reading, we hope to be working with you!
If you are interested make sure to apply!

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