Indonesian Community Events | maulanaasgaf

Hi, I’m maulanaasgaf, the founder of the oldest Roblox community in Indonesia, Asosiasi Komunitas Roblox Indonesia. Since 2013, I’ve been focusing on this very community to ensure the welfare of Indonesian players on Roblox. But recently, I have shifted my focus more on the developer’s side of the Indonesian community, especially in helping the rise of Roblox animation content in Indonesia.

I host a wide variety of events about the Roblox community and its development. I mainly use Bahasa Indonesia for my events to accommodate local developers but non-Indonesians are welcome to join as I also host events in English too, usually if it involves a competition or challenge. And soon, I will host Roblox meetups around the Jakarta Metropolitan Area (Jabodetabek).

Visit the Creator Events Website to see events hosted by Roblox Event Organizers including myself!

If you’re interested in collaboration or have any question regarding Indonesian community or anything related to community development, the easiest way to contact me is through Discord. There, you can DM me anytime and I will respond in less than a day at max.

ID: maulanaasgaf

Thank you for reading this!