IndyCar '18: Credits

Credit to the following people for the following things.


  • Iowa Speedway
  • Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
  • Dallara DW12 + Tank Chassis
  • Paint Schemes


  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Road Course and Oval)
  • ISM Raceway Layout :1st_place_medal:
  • Gateway Motorsports Park Layout :2nd_place_medal:
  • Game Logo


  • Pocono
  • Toronto Layout :3rd_place_medal:


  • St. Petersburg Street Course
  • Barber Motorsports Park


  • Sonoma


  • Road America

:1st_place_medal: The original Phoenix International Raceway Layout. GeorgeTheDev modified this track to create ISM Raceway from it.

:2nd_place_medal: Gateway Motorsports Park was originally created by Kohlerious, and then was heavily modified to create a more detail oriented approach to make the track more on par with the rest of the circuits.

:3rd_place_medal: Dalejr88fan2 originally created a 2014 Toronto Exhibition Place Layout Street Course. GeorgeTheDev heavily modified this layout with various details as well as changing the pit road layout from the old version to the new version to create the Toronto Track now seen in game.

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