Infected Group Bug

Apparently there has been word going around about a ghost group that when you join it it messes up your entire group page.
Anyone who joins it is basically done for and the only way to take away the glitched group page is by going on mobile and fixing it through it.

Order of events.

Player joins group
Player group page is completely done for. (Leads to error page constantly)
Player goes on mobile to leave group. (Only way to fix it)

As you can see here I’m in the group and now every time I go into my group page it will display the page error because I’m in that group. Many people on the group wall have been complaining about it since many have been tricked into joining the group. I hope my explanation helped out.

Group link below:

Sweet. I suspected this existed.
Going to forwards this right away.

beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue: