Infection 2 - Main

Role Basics

👨‍🔧 - Staff Member (On Join)

You're spawned in protected room - barriers not allowing Infected to enter (Floor 1)

There, NPC can sell you items to help survive from Infected.
Also, boards on walls can show you server statistics, game global leaderboards

Once you get ready, leave this room through barriers (you can enter/leave anytime)


So, I left this place, what could be the danger?

Other players can find virus flask (or something else) and make themselves Infected, now they able to attack You and other Staff Members
We’ll talk more about Infected a bit later…

Be careful, Infected may be everywhere! Some help points:

  • Walk in a crowd with other Staff Members
  • Pick up items you need, that placed on the map
  • [!!!] You can move some objects (For example, Tables) by holding cursor/tap on them. Block path for Infected!

Systems - They’re providing advantages to Staff Members (Lighting, Remote Communication, …), but also, they have limited health and may be dependent of each other. If Infected damaged/destroyed them, buy Toolbox on spawn to fix Systems
Example of System: (Radio Module, Floor 2)

🧟‍♂️ - Infected

To become Infected, use virus flask, get infected, touch puddles of Infection, or … (more things in development)
Now, just touch any Staff Member or System to make damage

Infected CAN automatically regenerate their health, Staff Members have to buy Bloxy Cola and recover not a big amount of health

If you get killed, you spawn as Staff Member

Abilities for Infected - Special things to Infected [Required Lv. 4]
Buy, Upgrade, Use! (More Info in the game)
If you wish to change default hotkey (PC), open Settings panel