Infinite Barrier / Shadow Block

Hi, guys!

I created an infinite invisible barrier / shadow projector on complete accident while trying to make a Triangle with one face. This is a very interesting block as from what I can tell, the collision extends way past the actual “visual” mesh, although the mesh doesn’t render at all. It is hard telling where exactly the collision ends, but it acts like a BlockMesh with it’s X size set to 10. The more you resize it, the larger it gets. It should be noted that while this works now, it might become broken in the future. From what I’ve tested with it, it accepts Touch detection, and possibly raycasts.

Use cases:

  • Death barrier
  • Shadow block
  • A quick invisible barrier that causes no lag to drag with large maps
  • In enclosed-maps, this can be used to hide “leaked” lighting on the edges of parts when they’re too thin to block sunlight themselves.


  • Unable to use studio drag tool to move it
  • Top and bottom are extremely glitchy, falling into it will cause your character to teleport somewhere randomly
  • Sides sometimes fling players, though this happens extremely rarely at lower walkspeeds
  • Only face that is selectable is the front face.


You can download the ShadowBlock / Infinite Barrier here:
ShadowBarrier.rbxm (2.3 KB)


We had a similar hack in Egg Hunt 2018 for one of the cutscenes, and that same hack now completely freezes the client when the part is slightly moved/resized with no way around it other then deleting the part. I would be very careful about using parts with messed up lighting/physics properties like this.


Will definitely keep this in mind when using this.

It was originally supposed to be a WedgePart with one face, but that didn’t work out well sadly, I instead got a really cool glitch block that acts like a push barrier of sorts, or a shadow block, depending on if you turn CanCollide off.

Is there a link or any piece of in-depth information about the hack that was used in EH2018?

(2 lazy 2 look)


Hmm … is there any reasoning you can think of, as to why my block doesn’t cause the same crash?

I inserted the block that’s in that post and my usage shot up to around 2GB in around 2 minutes, with “extremely high” power usage according to Task Manager. :thinking:

No clue, it’s very much dependent on what is going on in the engine and not something we can really predict. One day your mesh might just trigger some weird condition in the engine that corrupts lighting/physics updates

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As cool as this is I agree with @buildthomas. No way I’d use this in a production game.

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I’d be a bit worried too to be honest.

This will be fun to mess around with. :upside_down_face:

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A must to use this, I’ve tried it it’s really cool.