Infinite bloom and sunray virus

I got a virus and I can’t figure out how.
I’m not sure how I got it or where it’s from, but no matter what, it carries over to new studio worlds.

I’ve tried looking everywhere and using every form of virus remover I can, but nothing works.

Basically what the virus does it constantly put bloom and sunrays into the lightning section of the explorer. Thus, it ruins gameplay and hurts my eyes.

You can see a screenshot of it below:

If it carries over to new studio worlds one of your plugins is a trojan carrying this.
Its not a model because a model wouldn’t cause it to transfer between places.

Check through all your plugins and delete any that seem even remotely suspicious.
If you struggle that badly either post pictures of your current plugins, or delete them all.

For future reference avoid taking tons of plugins.

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What plugins do you have installled? What free models have you used? (If any.)

You need to show us your plugins, one of them is fake and is causing this chaos.

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Have you installed any suspicious plugins recently? Also, have you tried using an anti-virus plugin to fix it? If you haven’t I know two trustworthy ones that might help.


Went through every single one of my plugins and uninstalled them. I’m going to go about my day normally building and get back to you in an hour or so to give you the results.

It should be fixed now, remove all the blooms and rays and restart the studio this will mean the plugin no longer has any effect for sure.

There’s no telling what it did while you had it in your studio though, they can do all kinds of things to mess up games.

Just any luck and it was only the annoying lighting, let us know how it works out.

Restarted Studio and everything looks fine. I think this fixed it. Only question is, which one of my plugins did it? Guess I’ll be more careful in the future. Thanks for all your help!

Well, we wouldn’t know which one could have done it. What plugins did you have installed?

That’s good. It would have been one of them, but as I don’t actually use your plugins or know which you use I cant tell you which. Personally I only use a few plugins like character maker/animator and better baseplates which only adds textures to my baseplates.

Here’s a bit of advice when getting plugins:

  • Search for info about the plugin and creator
    If no info or lots of accusations, don’t use it
  • See if you can read the plugins source, some use Http which is usually bad news so don’t use them, or other malicious stuff e.g breaking everything
  • Test the plugin out in a separate place so it cant ruin your games

I agree with the tips that @minimic2002 gave, and just one extra thing, I usually only get plugins that are either have a devforum post, with multiple comments confirming its security, or are on this link. Basically, what the website does is that it was made by a group of developers (or just one I’m not sure), and they made a “secure” toolbox that only has models that have been verified and virus free. If you need any convincing on the security of this website (as I’m sure you do, because this seems a little too good to be true), visit this devforum post made by the developer of the website. I hope this helps you!

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