Infinite hexagon World generation

I don’t know if anyone has done this before but I was working on some world generation using parts. I thought it looked cool enough to share with you guys so I attached some screen shots. I am hoping to make it into a kind of magic game but I don’t know if that would work well. Its a bit laggy and I am doing a ton of optimizations to make it better. Currently there are two biomes a plains biome and a hills/mountains biome. The terrain will generate while you move around so its basically infinite

This is also my first time creating a topic so I apologize if it is bad

Link to the game btw MagicEffectShowcase - Roblox
One of my friends also is working on this project but he is working the magic side of things not the world generation. Yes it is like Hexaria’s map


This is cool! How does the lag work? Do you have a custom viewdistance with chunks?

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Ya I made it so that there is a render distance. Right now it is set to 15. Lag is not that bad because I do not destroy the parts at all, I just move them around. Its all on the client side

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I can not enter the game “The permission levels on this place prevent you from entering.”

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I looked at this and immediately thought “Hexaria”! :laughing: Seems like magic-based games are attracted to hexagons. Best of luck on this project!

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thanks for letting me know I forgot. I think I fixed it now let me know

That looks very cool, I’m sure it took a long time to put all those hexagons there.

They are generated by a script. I don’t have the patience for that. I used perlin noise the math.noise function in lua to do the height

So the main problem is that it is somehow lagging a little even though the memory and cpu usage is fine. Do you have any idea how we can make it more efficient?

That makes sense. I wouldn’t think anybody would have that much patience

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I instantly thought of Hexaria when I saw this