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Change Logs

The game isn't public yet, we will add change logs when the game will be out.


⚒️ If you want to track our development, including in-progress updates, plans, and more, check out our Trello Board!

Contact us

Here are some ways you can reach us for a bug report:
  • Use our in-game feedback system by typing “/feeback” in chat (note that it may not work due to our system rate limits, so please consider using the other options if this doesn’t work).
  • Use our group wall
  • Use our socials such as our discord server by going into our group social links!
    (note you must be 13+ in order to see social links)








And a special thanks from the bottom of our hearts to those who have supported us throughout our journey, we wouldn't be here without all of you. A special thanks to everyone who continued to believe in us even when things seemed impossible, providing us with the motivation to keep going and more.