Infinite Revives Gamepass Scripting

Guten Tag,

I am currently making a gamepass for a story game but I have one issue.

One of the gamepasses I’m currently developing is the Infinite Revives as I got inspired by other stories games that have the Infinite Revives gamepass as well. However, I’m really not much of a good scripter and I don’t know how to make an Infinite Revives gamepass because there are no videos on YT that give us a tutorial on an infinite revive gamepass.

Speaking of the gamepass, how do I create a script for my Infinite Revives gamepass? Please let me know if you can.


How does your current revive system work? (If possible, please send the script.)
You could implement this MarketPlaceService function into your script to check if the player owns the gamepass.

I have not created the script for Infinite revives yet but I made a normal revive for when someone dies.

Picture of normal revives (one time purchase):

Speaking of my normal revives, is there an example provided for an infinite revives gamepass script?

From what I can see, your script doesn’t seem to be doing any reviving at all. Is there another part of the script I’m missing?

I can make an example for you, but you will need to address what I’ve said above first

Well like I said, I have not made a script for Infinite Revives yet as there are no YT videos that give tutorials on how to make an Infinite revive gamepass.

However, the current revive system would work when a person dies but they respawn instantly after death over time.

Could you show me the code for that? From what I can tell, the script you provided will teleport the player into another place after 20 seconds, regardless of whether they purchased the revive or not.

Uhhh. I don’t have a code script for the Infinite revives to show you such as the MarketPlaceService but I will try making the script if possible. Sorry about that.

ACHTUNG! I finally got a script for Infinite Revives. They are actually called Instant Respawns. I know what script is now used for Infinite Revives.