Infinite Stair Generation

I’m trying to create a generation script for steps that go on forever, but efficiently as stair cases will eventually cause insane performance issues if they keep generating

my goal is to find a idea/solution to go about this

I’ve tried a couple of different ideas like only generating steps when someone is near the end and also degenerating/retracting when no one is near the end but this would still cause issues if there is multiple staircases or a player just keeps walking and doesn’t stop

Example of someone who keeps walking

and this is just one staircase I plan to add a lot more

another idea was to phase out and destroy steps if no one is near and regenerate the steps if they go backwards

Example, instead of the parts falling imagine them just going transparent and destroyed

this works but it doesn’t really look like a stair case, I could expand the range before it phases out but if there is other players this would also cause decent performance issues

my next idea to try is to have all stairs local and only generate stairs you are on, and degenerate those as well

if anyone has a better solution that would be great, thought it was a good idea to ask due to me redoing quite a few times

Game Climb infinite stairs to winners - Roblox (I’m working on a different version now)

I just need it to look good and be efficient

so yea this game is pretty much a bad meme I’m taking far, thanks


What I would do in this case is actually just make a script that generates infinite steps for a staircase. I don’t think there would be a lot of performance issues.

Steps should also be generated slowly. Too many at the same time will cause some performance issues. But what you do is make the steps bigger so players how to jump and take longer to go up. Or you can go with running up an infinite staircase.

Anchored should be set for the step Part first because of physics issues.

Also 10/10 game. You should also make periodic cleanups of stair Parts if you want players to try to reach infinity but don’t want major performance issues. Destroying steps when out of range is problematic when there’s multi-player.

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I would do what Minecraft does. Load in chunks (of stairs) at a time when they are a certain distance away and delete the other chunks. So maybe have 2 chunks of stairs to start (depends how big the chunks are) once they reach the second chunk add a new chunk after the second 1 then once they reach the third one delete the first chunk and add a new one to the end! Keep repeating to make it infinitely generate stairs or just set a fixed amount if you don’t want it infinitely