Infinite yield on thumbstick for tablet users (ONLY)

I’m getting problems where ONLY tablet users controls aren’t appearing for them. Note, this works with mobile, and only is a problem for tablet users. I am unable to replicate this using studio tablet emulators. But had numerous people complain about it, and finally got a screenshot from someones console.

The problem is on line

local DynamicThumbstickFrame = TouchControlFrame:WaitForChild("DynamicThumbstickFrame")

No errors, just warns of infinite yield. To my understanding, mobile and tablet share the same controls, and thus the TouchControls Gui should be identical. Does tablet have something I’m missing here?? Once again, it does NOT infinitely yield when I test on my mobile and same with studio emulators. Only a problem for people actually using a tablet

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

local Player = Players.LocalPlayer
local PlayerGui = Player:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")

print("Starting to setup mobile controls")

-- Get controls
local TouchGui = PlayerGui:WaitForChild("TouchGui")
local TouchControlFrame = TouchGui:WaitForChild("TouchControlFrame")

local DynamicThumbstickFrame = TouchControlFrame:WaitForChild("DynamicThumbstickFrame")

local JumpButton = TouchControlFrame:WaitForChild("JumpButton")

Could this be due to certain tablets?? Some tablet users seem fine, but others will always yield, no matter if they rejoin, reset their character, etc.

Also having the same issue, any answers?

I checked a similar thing on tablet, and tablet don’t have a thumbstick in settings

Check what controls the user is using. Depending on the control type, it affects the name of the items inside ToucHGui

Set the DevTouchMode under StarterPlayer to make sure the user has a thumbstick, as if it’s user choice, that user may not have controls which include a thumbstick

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