Infinite yield possible on Coregui:RobloxGui:WaitForChild("Modules")

I don’t know why I’m getting this warning when I start the game:

It’s happening only in the Player, not in Studio.
It’s appearing twice, but I don’t see any problem after this.
Does anyone know how to fix this warning?


I have been getting this error aswell randomly when I do anything related to CoreGUI. I guess its a roblox problem that needs to be fixed by roblox devs.

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Just like @Tabrix said: That’s an internal error which only Roblox can fix. I have already gotten another errors such as related to the Developer Console and many more things. The best we can do is to await until Roblox does something about it.


I’m havin this issue right now

This has suddenly started occurring on my game today, and is resulting in my game’s main menu not working properly, not entirely sure why.

As far as I know, the error doesn’t affect anything

it does, it causes HIGH memory leak from 500 mb i go to 700