Infinite yield possible on 'Players.ohusq.Backpack:WaitForChild("Tool")' whilst being indexed correctly?

I’m trying to learn Rojo development and use it for client sided tool stuff and events.
But after indexing a tool called Tool it yields infinitely?

local tool : Tool = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer.Backpack:WaitForChild("Tool")


-- Path: src\client\init.client.lua


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Strange you should actually get an error that the Backpack is not a member of the player. You have your script in StartPlayerScripts which occur before you even have a character and a tool. If you move your script up to StarterCharacterScripts it should work for you.

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How would I do this with Rojo in vs code?

Not familiar with rojo but from a quick look at their docs you’d need to add this to your project file:

    "StarterPlayer": {
      "$className": "StarterPlayer",

      "StarterCharacterScripts": {
        "$className": "StarterCharacterScripts",
        "$path": "src/StarterCharacterScripts"

Then make sure your init.client.lua is in that src directory.

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