Infinite yield possible on 'workspace:WaitForChild('player')'

When i press run i get the error message in the title of this topic wher the ‘player’ is the player’s user name why is this happening all i know is that when you start it and it pops up it won’t ever load the game.

workspace:WaitForChild(‘player’) is run by a script in the roblox engine not in a script i made

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Is the topic, the code? Check if the child is player.

Is the child parented to the right parent?

it is roblox code. code i don’t have access to

Check if the child is parented the the correct script you need to parent it o.

the problem is that when i press play it tries to start the game and then it says that on the player character so i can’t do anything it is roblox

You’re not describing exactly what you want to achieve. Can you elaborate?

You should search for the player in game:GetService(“Players”) and look for their character.

local playerName = "patfre"
local player = game:GetService("Players"):WaitForChild(playerName)
local character = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()

I agree with @Awesome3_Eric, I don’t quite understand what your trying to do. If there was a scipt, that would be better.

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but i don’t have one because it is a script in the roblox engine it just started giving me this message for some strange reason

If that’s the case, it’s probably not harmful, you should move on.

easy for you to say if it wasn’t because the game never loads

So, it’s not the script problem? Check the plugins and see if you got any infected models or plugins, maybe causing the problem.

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all plugins and models have worked 100% fine it only started after a made a very small change to a script just changing > to < so that is 100% not the problem either so i don’t know why

Can you send me a screenshot, I need to see the “error.” Sorry, I am more of a visual person.

As well as where this script could be located

wth ok someone has to explain this i’ve restarted the studio 5 times and now the 6th time it works like wth.