Infinite Yield Possible (trying to make a roblox character)

Hey, so I’m attempting to create my own roblox character. I’ve been following this tutorial How To Create And Animate A Custom Character In Roblox Studio - YouTube . I’m getting this error even though there’s a RightShoulder. Also are there any good tutorials you would recommend? Thanks!

19:41:06.178 - Infinite yield possible on ‘Workspace.Play_MazeOfHeck.Torso:WaitForChild(“RightShoulder”)’

Annotation 2020-07-24 194949

Animate Script (In StarterCharacterScripts)

local Figure = script.Parent

local Torso = Figure:WaitForChild("Torso")

local RightShoulder = Torso:WaitForChild("RightShoulder")

local RightHand = RightShoulder:WaitForChild("RightHand",1)

local RightThigh = Torso:WaitForChild("RightThigh",1)

local RightFoot = RightThigh:WaitForChild("RightFoot",1)

local LeftShoulder = Torso:WaitForChild("LeftShoulder",1)

local LeftHand = LeftShoulder:WaitForChild("LeftHand",1)

local LeftThigh = Torso:WaitForChild("LeftThigh",1)

local LeftFoot = LeftThigh:WaitForChild("LeftFoot",1)

local Humanoid = Figure:WaitForChild("Humanoid")

local pose = "Standing"

local currentAnim = ""

local currentAnimInstance = nil

local currentAnimTrack = nil

local currentAnimKeyframeHandler = nil

local currentAnimSpeed = 1.0

local animTable = {}

local animNames = {

Check if you have Motor6D in Torso called Right Shoulder for Arm


I’m not sure what you mean by Right Should for Arm, but this is what it looks like

Annotation 2020-07-24 200235

Let me know if you were talking about something else.

You are attempting to look for a child which doesn’t exist. When you use WaitForChild(), you’re searching for a child that is named what is in the brackets.

In your script, you are using this code: Workspace.Play_MazeOfHeck.Torso:WaitForChild(“RightShoulder”).

Change the name of the highlighted Motor6D in your previous picture to “RightShoulder” and see if that fixes it.

EDIT: To add on, any other pieces of code looking for children in the Torso are going to error because they’re all named Motor6D. You need to make sure all of the children are named correctly.


Thanks, also is this error anything I should worry about? When I click on it to bring me to a source it doesn’t bring me to whatever is causing it.

20:09:47.410 - LocalTransparencyModifier is not a valid member of Model

20:09:47.411 - Stack Begin

[20:09:47.412 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.CoreScripts/AvatarContextMenu', Line 274 - function shouldIgnoreLocalCharacter](rbxopenscript://

[20:09:47.414 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.CoreScripts/AvatarContextMenu', Line 288 - function clickedOnPoint](rbxopenscript://

[20:09:47.416 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.CoreScripts/AvatarContextMenu', Line 318 - function OnUserInput](rbxopenscript://

[20:09:47.417 - Script 'CoreGui.RobloxGui.CoreScripts/AvatarContextMenu', Line 355 - function functionProcessInput](rbxopenscript://

20:09:47.418 - Stack End
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That’s an issue with the AvatarContextMenu from the CoreScripts provided by ROBLOX. You should be able to ignore those for the time being :slight_smile:

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