Infinite Yield Possible

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    I want to get rid of the infinite yield on my script
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    My part won’t weld to me because the part I need to weld to, “UpperTorso” isn’t getting found
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    I have tried looking for solutions on YouTube and dev forum
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This is what it say’s in my output :
Infinite yield possible on ‘Workspace.OmegaNavy.Humanoid:WaitForChild(“UpperTorso”)’

local FireElement = game.ServerStorage.Elements:WaitForChild("Fire Element")
local FireVortex = FireElement:WaitForChild("FireVortex")
local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Ra1 = FireVortex:WaitForChild("Red Aura 1")
local Ra2 = FireVortex:WaitForChild("Red Aura 2")
local Vortex = FireVortex:WaitForChild("Vortex")
local Ya1 = FireVortex:WaitForChild("Yellow Aura 1")
local Ya2 = FireVortex:WaitForChild("Yellow Aura 2")
	local char = player.Character or player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local humanoid = char:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
	local torso = humanoid:WaitForChild("UpperTorso")
	local newVortex = FireVortex:Clone()
	local newRa1 = Ra1:Clone()
	local newRa2 = Ra2:Clone()
	local newYa1 = Ya1:Clone()
	local newYa2 = Ya2:Clone()
	newRa1.CFrame = torso.CFrame
	newRa2.CFrame = torso.CFrame
	newYa1.CFrame = torso.CFrame
	newYa2.CFrame = torso.CFrame
	newVortex.CFrame = torso.CFrame
	newVortex.Parent = workspace
	newRa1.Parent = workspace
	newRa2.Parent = workspace
	newYa1.Parent = workspace
	newYa2.Parent = workspace

	local weld ="Weld", newVortex)
	weld.Part0 = newVortex
	weld.Part1 = torso
	local weld2 ="Weld", newRa1)
	weld2.Part0 = newRa1
	weld2.Part1 = newVortex	
	local weld3 ="Weld", newRa2)
	weld3.Part0 = newRa2
	weld3.Part1 = newVortex
	local weld4 ="Weld", newYa1)
	weld4.Part0 = newYa1
	weld4.Part1 = newVortex	
	local weld5 ="Weld", newYa2)
	weld5.Part0 = newYa2
	weld5.Part1 = newVortex		
	newVortex.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)
	newRa1.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)
	newRa2.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)
	newYa1.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)
	newYa2.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)

	newVortex.CanCollide = false
	newRa1.CanCollide = false
	newRa2.CanCollide = false
	newYa1.CanCollide = false
	newYa2.CanCollide = false

	--newVortex.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)
	newVortex.Anchored = false
	newRa1.Anchored = false
	newRa2.Anchored = false
	newYa1.Anchored = false
	newYa2.Anchored = false

	--newVortex.CFrame = newVortex.CFrame *,10,0)
	--newVortex.Orientation = newVortex.Orientation +,0,0)


Also just to clear up, I’m using R15 but it won’t find the body part I want

infinite yield happens when it can’t find something and it keeps on trying to find it for a certain time but can’t meaning that it might not be there

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You’re getting that error because you’re trying to get the upper torso of the humanoid, not the character.
Instead of Workspace.OmegaNavy.Humanoid:WaitForChild(“UpperTorso”) try Workspace.OmegaNavy:WaitForChild(“UpperTorso”)

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