Infinite Yields from CoreGui

I’ve inherited development of a game from a previous developer, and I’m struggling to find out where these hangs are coming from in debugging the game for various network-related spikes and lag with users joining.

It may be unrelated to the hangs, but the time it takes to load the game is on the side of 40% longer than a game without these warnings, and seemingly causes every other user in the game to spike when a player does finally load. The game is relatively small, not a large game by any means.

I’ve done some research on this topic, where this has happened to others years ago, and was supposedly fixed on ROBLOX’s end – yet here I am receiving this issue currently. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Almost every game you join has these messages in the console. It’s a thing with Roblox and I’m pretty sure we can’t do anything about it.

I’ve joined multiple games from both the front page and my own and others where these yields from WaitForChild in CoreGui-related scripts aren’t there. I don’t think this is happening in “almost every game.”

As per observation, it happens depending on how long the client takes to initialize. The longer the client takes, the longer the Roblox dependencies take to get loaded into the client, hence the yielding message.

So theoretically, it should happen on all the games.

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This is the reason why the yields were taking place. It appears that this issue is caused by long load times - i.e. “improper” usage of ReplicatedFirst or ReplicatedStorage. The game I’m working in had a lot of part-heavy maps that get loaded in to be played on by users, and the folder containing all of those maps was in ReplicatedFirst. After moving the folder to ServerStorage, these issues stopped taking place.

Edit: I also noticed this issue happening in Anime Fighting Simulator, as well as Jailbreak, so I suspect it may say something about the usage of ROBLOX’s replicated containers.