Infinitely Requesting Server

This has been happening since 8pm last night, at first I thought it was the network traffic because I am on a school network but, then I went and played a different game and had absolutely no problem getting into a match and playing.

This is most noticeable on games that use Universes, because it might take (literally, I timed it) 5 minutes to get into a game like Rollernauts but, once I hit play it tries to connect me to a server and it just tries to request a server or connect me to one until I give up.

Woke up this morning to give it another go, and same issue was still happening.

EDIT: Apparently this has been happening for a while, and Apoc Rising or any games that uses TeleportService is flooded with similar issues. TeleportService seems to fail if your internet connection isn’t on the money, but the :Teleport() function works fine.

ADDITIONAL ISSUE: Happens when the server is full.


This happens to me too on Murder Mystery 2, when I try to join my friends or they try to join me.

I haven’t been able to join them, which is a pain.

I’ve also been getting this today.

I’m pretty sure this happens when the server you are trying to join is full, which is a pain since if you try to join a full server, it will fail but doesn’t tell you that it failed and instead waits nonstop, and any other calls to teleporting won’t be taken into consideration. So I have to leave the game and rejoin to be able to teleport again.

You can reproduce it by joining this game: and pressing “Play Now” and joining a game that shows 6/6 players in it.

I’m fairly sure this isn’t always the case because I was trying to join a server with 4/16 people in.

Can confirm, happened when joining a game that was 7/35.

Nevertheless, the problem with teleport service failing when trying to join a full server should also be looked at.

TeleportService as a whole needs to fixed, as developers are using it more and more to initiate matchmaking. Which is super cool that we are using it for that reason, but it doesn’t help our games ratings when it breaks half the time.

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Still getting this error

This is annoying, please fix!!

Hello, OP here to inform you that I would love you forever if you got this fixed. Thanks.

Tried joinig my friends again yesterday. Still have the error.

I am also getting this whenever I try joining servers with friends in them.

Edit: persistence seemed to fix it, I just kept refreshing and hitting Follow

Shouldn’t have to require persistence, but it does work eventually.

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I think I’m having a similar issue here, I’m getting flooded with complaints about being unable to join the game. I experienced the problem only once, it got me into the server but refused to load anything beyond that.

Happening here when I click “Join Game” on a friends profile page.