Infinitely Updating; cant open 2 studios more than once - and copy paste selectively works

Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced:
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open a team create studio, copy anything (edit: happens with local copies as well)
  2. Open another instance of studio and it cues the update
  3. wait for it to update, try to paste, and the button is greyed out like i didn’t copy anything
    repeat by reopening the other place you are trying to copy from, and watch it update again, and again, and again, never allowing me to keep 2 open at once, and making it impossible for me to copy paste anything into different spaces.

video of it happening:

Expected Behavior:
the copy paste issue is a separate issue, though it has been going on for months now and perfectly compliments this bug so that I can’t do anything. i’d say around 60%-ish of the time it doesnt work or more (when trying to paste into a different studio) and i have to copy items 3+ times in order for it to register.

Actual Behavior:
this update issue that’s preventing me from having 2 open at once, because it force closes everything due to updating every single time i open studio, has been going on for a couple of days now.

(edit: found workaround, not sure if this works for other people) you can open 2 instances of studio if you use the File > Open From File/Roblox at the top left of your studio instead of using the windows search bar to open a new studio like I did in the video ^^ (copying issue still persists)


This is preventing me from removing the april fools update from my popular 116M+ visits game.

I need to have 2 studio instances open at once so that i can replace the bunker, but i cannot do that right now as it instantly closes studio for me.


Please reply to this message as soon as possible once this issue is resolved so that i know when to work on the removal update.


Could you export the bunker then import it back in?

Sadly no, that would offset the position etc.

I have some repro steps for the engineers to reproduce this, having a blank baseplate open works for some reason.

  1. Open a published team create place.
  2. Open a place from a local file.

This should make the team create place close instantly for “updates”
if you try to re-open the teamcreate place, the local file will close for “updates” instead.

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Couldn’t you, (correct me if I’m wrong), but use the “publish to Roblox as” feature? AFAIK that should work, correct me if I’m wrong here but I’ve done this before.

This is still a problem but this might be a workaround for now.

I cant publish a place to a game i dont own sadly.

The game is stuck to madattak his account and i also cant create the removal update.


For now you should send the place file to them via email or cloud sharing service as a temporary workaround.

I understand staff are on break this week but when issues that prevent front page games from updating come up, they need to be addressed, this is a full time job for lots of people.


I was having the same issue except I was opening a place file from team create and then the other studio session was a local file.


i noticed late last night that i can open 2 instances of studio if i use the file > open from file/roblox instead of using the windows search bar to open studio like i did. i hope this works for you!


Have you tried restoring the game to a previous version? If you cannot do this due to ownership reasons then ask the owner of the game if they are able to do it

I cant revert because data will get corrupted and lost because this update included a collectible item.


I have this exact same issue. Very annoying. None of my group games will show up on studio so I have to launch it from the website, and I try to launch a local game so I can merge some stuff together and EVERY time Studio launches, it closes all other instances and force updates.


Hello! The issue you are experiencing is caused by having stale Studio shortcuts. When experiencing this, please:

  1. Close all running instances of Studio.
  2. Delete any local Studio installations.
  3. Launch Studio from Web.
  4. Update shortcuts to point to the freshly installed version.

it started magically working for me again yesterday so i can’t test this, but i’ll mark this as the solution so others can try it out :smiley: thank you!


Issue should be resolved by the recent Roblox Studio 0.474 upgrade. Please submit a new report if you run into this again!