Infinity Theme Park

Infinity Theme Park Interview Guide

As you guys would know, we are starting up this group… We actualy dont have a ROBLOX game until the 17th where somebody will be donating to us…

People from the public will most likely end up seeing this, so no answers will be in here just the questions you should ask and I will DM the lot who mark them some of the answers! You should know all the answers though!

Welcome to your interview, I am your interviewer (Name), the rules and info will shortly be posted!

You must answer every question within 2 minutes, failure to do so will result in a strike, get 3 strikes and you have automatically failed…

Question 1 :

How active are you on a daily basis on a scale of 1 - 10?

Question 2 :

Which is the correctly spelt greeting?

1 : welcom to infin theme park how can i helpp
2 : Welcome to infinity theme park, how can I help!
3 : Welcome to Infinity Theme Park, how can I help?
4 : Welcome to Infinity Theme Park, how can I help

Question 3 :

How good is your grammar on a scale of 1 - 10?

Question 4 :

What would you do if a hacker was in the server?

A : Spam a HR+.
B : Notify a HR+ with proof.
C : Ask them to fly you.
B : Scream and shout at them.

Question 5 : Why should we hire you?

Thanks for applying! You will have a training depending what role you are choosing! There is 1 last question that you must answer!

What role are you applying for?

Park Trainee
Park Reception
Park Security
Park Ride Controller
Park Cafe Staff

Thanks for applying! Please make sure to join the group! And if you can, join the discord server, as it give’s you more chances to get higher roles… I am now reviewing your answers… Please hold tight!

I have now reviewed your answers… They will be posted below shortly!

You have passed this interview! We will book you in for a training at a later date… I thank you very much for applying and well done, have a nice day!

I am sorry, but you have failed this interview… Please refrain from getting annoyed, if you do so you will be banned from interviewing for 1 month! You may re-try in 24 hours… If you try apply before that you will not be interviewed…