Influx of bots - retention concern

We’re seeing a large influx of bots in the past few weeks. Accounts made to play, cheat, and farm in-game items/currency to sell for real money. It’s easy to detect and we banned over 15,000 accounts already. The problem is - as of this morning, they are back. All new accounts made today.

The concern is what this will do to our analytics and stats. For example, retention. It’s frustrating because we know this will, at scale, negatively impact our game on rankings and drive less real traffic and hurt our business if we ban these accounts. They will be totaled as real players and reflect on our stats as an unengaged player when they can no longer join the game

We already have lots of deterrents to de-incentivize bots. The problem is they are using cheat software.

Attaching our experience discovering these bots and data in private.

Thank you

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Thanks for the report! We’ll investigate and follow up with updates.