Info Cards for Player Profiles, Games, & Catalog Items


As a Roblox player, it is currently difficult to view basic info of players, games, and catalog avatar shop items. You’d have to click them and then go to a completely different page which may take who knows how long depending on your connection. Why load another page when you can implement a card-type solution?

A card is a container holding basic information of something and is usually toggled upon hover. This “basic info” varies based on the actual object. Sometimes, there can also be some functionality added to it such as buttons, etc.

Player profile pics or any places with usernames should display a profile card with the following info:

  • Number of friends
  • Number of followers
  • Full status (online, offline, creating)
  • A bit of their bio
  • Personal connection (“you follow”, “friend”, “follows you”, etc. one/several shown depending on established priorities)

For the player card, this menu (with the game as well if the player is playing it) appears of your friends on the home page:

So, these options can be merged with the profile card.

Mock up:

Game page cards should have:

  • Creator (this used to occur with the game-pages back in 2017-2018 along with the like-to-dislike ratio)
  • Currently playing count
  • Total visits
  • Like-to-dislike ratio
  • Favorites along with its functionality
  • Following along with its functionality
  • Play button

The play button being there is a must! I often find it annoying to visit the games page just for clicking play, but if I were able to access it simply by hovering, it’d be much faster.

Mockup (notice the gradient-blending thumbnail):

Avatar shop item cards should include:

  • Creator
  • Type (hat, etc.)
  • A bit of its description
  • Whether you own the item or not

Now those are just my suggestions, obviously, whatever is seen fit or is more commonly seen can be used.

These cards should toggle on hover for the desktop website while the mobile version can have the current behavior of tapping to toggle.

If this was added, it’d improve my experience because I can see the overview of a certain player, game, or item without having to load an entire page for it. Many websites/apps utilize this feature such as the DevForum, Twitter, and Discord with their profile cards. Even with the simplest navigation of a webpage or in an app, it’d be much less convenient than simply summoning the info and some functionality right then and there.

Thank you.