Info requested on the cause of player disconnects with Error 277

Reproduction Steps

We are experiencing an issue in our game where players are getting disconnected with some frequency and seeing a 277 error. We suspect this is a memory issue but do not have the tooling to properly investigate this.

We have not been able to get repro steps, possibly because this is due to a memory issue, so it is hard to reproduce.

Expected Behavior

We expect players to not be disconnected. It is likely an error on our side. We just would like to be able to narrow down where it is occurring.

Actual Behavior

Players disconect with error 277.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Connectivity
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Sometimes
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I’m sorry to hear you’re having crashes! The developer console has a fairly detailed breakdown of memory usage for both the client and the server, that might be a good place to start your investigation. Although without a repro it might not be particularly useful, since it only shows data for the server you’re currently in.

See here: Developer Console. Specifically the “Memory” section and “Memory Management Tips” will probably the most helpful.

What’s the place ID of the place that’s crashing? Also, has the frequency/volume of crashes changed recently?

Players in my game have also been reporting this issue. Players either get kicked when joining the game with error code 279 (Failed to connect to the Game) or while playing they get kicked with error code 277 (Please check your internet connection and try again). Some players also said they are experiencing the same issue on other games recently. I received the first report of this on the 23rd, all devices.

Thanks for the report, what’s the place ID?

Multiple games have experienced this issue, it seems like someone might be crashing the servers on purpose. Personally I have had issues with error 277 in this game: [STAR WARS] Coruscant - Roblox | 4238077359.

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Thanks! Error 277/279 are pretty generic and can be caused by a number of different issues. There’s likely not a single cause. Are you a developer for that place?

I am a community leader there, but I do have direct contact with the developers of the game.

Thanks, if the developers are having issues with servers crashing, could you ask them to post a DevForum report or DM me?

It happens most often on 9939109688 and 4894088118 which are played as reserved servers, It also happens on the main place 3025990139 in which players say it only happens when in VIP servers