Inform developers that BodyVelocity is superseded by LinearVelocity

Issue Description
As of Release 516, all body movers are now deprecated. Most pages have the constraint alternatives recommended in note banners however BodyVelocity currently does not have one. BodyVelocity has been superseded by LinearVelocity. An info banner regarding this should be added to the page to hold consistency with other pages and inform developers that there is in fact a supported alternative.

Issue Area: DevHub Content
Page URL: BodyVelocity


I might be wrong, but I think that VectorForce is closer to BodyVelocity than LinearVelocity.

VectorForce supersedes BodyForce. This documentation request isn’t opinionated, it’s based on the design of the constraints as well as from information in announcements and engineer responses.


LinearVelocity just seems like a worse BodyVelocity. You can’t make a player have gravity while performing a dash with LinearVelocity, but you can with BodyVelocity. I don’t see what’s better about it.


Im pretty sure it was the same with BodyVelocity. If you want gravity u can do these 2 methods:

  • Use the :ApplyImpulse function on the HRP.
  • Make the linear velocity and destroy it after a small time like 0.1.
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Hello everyone!

This issue has been resolved. However, I can’t say a timeline when this fix will be released. I hope it will be soon.

Thanks for the report!


Following up on this issue!

The fix got released on the new Documentation site!
For other bugs/issues you come across, please make a new post.



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