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Names Association

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About us

Welcome to Names Association! We’re a brand new Cafe and Restaurant group here at Roblox! We’re excited to be and serve hungry customers.

Interesting in joining our group, or getting a job? Check out our group!

What we Provide

We are proving a variety of activities, challenges, support and, of course, food! We love helping everybody out, it is, therefore, we have a Customer Support team in our game and in our communication server!

We also provide high-quality resources, you can check out our website for resources for your project(s):

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Our ranks

LR Ranks

Trainee (Group) (Server)

Janitor (Group) (Server)

Cashier (Group) (Server)

Security (Group) (Server)

Chef (Group) (Server)

MR Ranks

Head of Cashier (Group) (Server)

Head of Security (Group) (Server)

Head of Chef (Group) (Server)

Management (Group) (Server)

Senior Management (Group) (Server)

HR Ranks

Shift Manager (Group) (Server)

General Manager (Group) (Server)

Board of Directors (Group) (Server)

SHR Ranks

Chief Financial Officer (Group) (Server)

Chief Communications Officer (Group) (Server)

Chief Staff Officer (Group) (Server)

Vice-Chairman (Group) (Server)

Chairman (Group) (Server)

Extra Ranks

Developer (Group) (Server)

Lead Developer (Server)

Alliance Partner (Server)

In conclusion

This board with information about Names Association will be updated at any time. It will also always be available to all users.

Join our group!

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