Information on my (Currently) Unnamed Military Group

This is for my unnamed military group. This post will be edited as I decide more details about the group. I’m still deciding IF/when the group itself will be created.

Unnamed Group

(Refrenced as UG from here-on-out for breivty.)
What is UG?

UG is a new style of Roblox clan. We have members versed in not just one genre or style, but several. This allows for raids/defenses from multiple groups. Combined with our style of hierarchy, I personally believe that our group is much more versatile and flexible than others. (See the Positional Roles and Reserve Force dropdowns for more info.)

Why should I join UG?

UG was designed for flexibility. Whether you’re a tactician with a horrible aim or a swordsperson with a low KDR, we’ll still accept you. Whether you’re online every day or once a week, we’ll still accept you. If you prefer customer service to fight, we’ll still accept you.

Unless you unconditionally hate fighting/military groups, there’s a good chance there’s a spot for you within UG.

See the Positional Roles drop-down for more info on different roles you can take in the group. See the Reserve Force drop-down for more info on activity.

More Info on the Reserve Force.

In order to allow for all types of activity, we have a special PLACEHOLDER for inactive members/less active members. Depending on your Positional Role, you’ll be placed into the Reserve Force after a longer than expected period of inactivity. Being in the Reserve Force allows you to be inactive, come back, and still have your rank/role.

Otherwise, if you know that you’re going to be inactive for a long period of time, you can make a request to be put into the Reserve Force.

Furthermore, in the case that you leave the group unexpectedly, you’ll be put in the Reserve Force List of Lost Members (See Trello PLACEHOLDER) in case you come back. To combat trolling, you’ll only be on the List for three weeks. If you leave properly (Offical retirement), you’ll be put on the list for five days. After these periods of time, your username will be deleted.

More Info on Positional Roles

Positional Roles (Referenced as PR for brevity in this drop-down) are roles within UG. To allow for flexibility, instead of a linear hierarchy, (E.g., using Roblox’s USAF, Private will always be the lowest rank, regardless of divisional membership. Even if you’re in Special Forces.) UG has a ‘charted hierarchy’. (See PLACEHOLDER FOR REFERENCE IMAGE)

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