Information on RBA Ball Practice Area

Hello everyone!!

Late two days ago (technically that morning) I released the practice area for the mini dance competition to be held at the Royal Ballet Academy’s Anniversary and Accomplishments Ball. It is very basic at the moment, so I thought I’d post a FAQ to reference in the meantime while I fix a few small things.


The keys are bound to the number pad on your keyboard. This is not the 1-9 at the top above letter keys, this is the calculator-looking thing usually on the far right of most keyboards.
[num lk] [end]

[7] =Change Coupe LEFT
[8] = CoupeJete LEFT
[9] = Pique LEFT

[4] = Change Coupe RIGHT
[5] = CoupeJete RIGHT
[6] = Pique RIGHT

[1] = Changement
[2] = Croise Devant
[3] = Releve’

[ < ] = Pas De Chat
[ 0 ] = Emboitte Devant
[ . ] = Emboitte Back’

[ enter ] = Arabesque
[ + ] = End Pose (this is the long plus button)
[ num lk ] = Graceful Arms
[ end ] = Reset Arms (you’re probably going to need this)


What is the competition for?

I still stand by my original posts for prizes, so robux is involved, however you must either have a twitter account or some other off-roblox place where I can send you the code for a robux gift card. This prize is subject to removal and may not be given out at all, due to Roblox ToS changes. What WILL happen though is the awarding of other prizes. These include cool in-game items, leotards, makeup, tutus, GFX, etc.

How do you practice?

Make sure to talk to the NPC in-game and if you have further questions, here’s some info:
The GUI with dance buttons has three different colors- Black, grey and blue. These are color codes to indicate which direction a move is for- e.x left pique vs. right pique. Blue works for any direction, grey is for left and black is for right.
The smaller GUI on the right is for extras- looking around like in the choreography, fancier arms, etc. These are not required for your performance, but if you use them well you’ll get extra points.

What’s the choreography?

Choreography is the Dance of the Little Swans from Swan Lake. I posted a link to a YouTube video on my Twitter which has a real life version of the choreography you can use for reference.

Here are the combinations:

Change Coupe LEFT (grey button) for 4 counts
Coupe Jete LEFT (2 count)
Pique LEFT (2 counts)

Change Coupe RIGHT (black button) for 4 counts
Coupe Jete RIGHT (2 count)
Pique RIGHT (2 counts)

Changement (1 counts)
Pique LEFT (1 count)
Changement (1 counts)
Pique RIGHT (1 count)
2nd position Releve (4 counts)

This part is different from the choreography- I want to see your creative side with the limited moves you have available.
FREESTYLE (8 counts)

Change coupe RIGHT (2 counts)
Croise Devant (2 count)

Pas de Chat (16 counts)
(Here’s a good opportunity to freestyle with the extra moves!)

Emboitte Devant (2 counts)
Emboitte Back (2 counts)
Emboitte Devant (2 counts)
Emboitte Back (2 counts)
Pique LEFT (8 counts)
Emboitte Devant (8 Counts)

Order of Combinations & Travel Instructions:

  • Hold a pose for 4 counts
  • Combo 1, Travel left (x1)
  • Combo 2, Travel right (x1)
  • Repeat combos 1 & 2
  • Combo 3 (x2)
  • Combo 4 (x4)
  • Combo 5 (x4)
  • Pas De Chats (16 counts, perfect time to get fancy with the extras!)
  • Combo 6 (x1)
  • Arabesque and then finish with End Pose. (Make sure to hit reset arms as well.)

-I have another question!!!
Feel free to message me on Roblox, my PMs are open to all.

Features I’m adding his afternoon:

  • In-game transposed music to use while practicing
  • An in game version of the choreography guide
  • Key bindings for the animations

Practice makes perfect, can’t wait to see your performances at the ball!


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