Information // the bad cafe

hello! this is the main topic for everything regarding the bad cafe. this is a WIP group.

motto: “lol we are the only good cafe”
the bad cafe is a cafe group with no professionalism needed, no strictness from staff, and no grammar needed to work! it moves away from the cafe stereotype entirely. we pride ourselves on being the least generic and most fun cafe around!
we keep order as well as having fun!

Any complaints or suggestions? Feel free to message MonsterGamerRox (messages are on for followers) or, the less annoying way, talk on the group wall! Either way, I will get your feedback.

newest cafe version: V1.4

founder- MonsterGamerRox
main developer- mariogross
top donator- haechanstoe (200)
some rank ideas- mariogross and slaughterblade
really cool people (the bored of directors)- Zambro83, ARESENAL_2020, spiderwolfay, GavrielIsCool123, mariogross

(below might not be entirely accurate)
trainings/interviews happening now: NONE
event: NONE
members: 164

recent updates:
v1.5- updated ban list, updated group roles, deleted group donation t-shirts in a preparation for v1.6

v1.4- added rgb drink


Why You Should Join
  1. we let you have fun!
  2. we aren’t strict, at all.
  3. we don’t ban you for dumb reasons, only for breaking the 3 main rules.
  4. even our trainings and our interviews are fun!
  5. trolling is (mostly) allowed!
  6. we are actually unique, and aim to go against the stereotypes of other, in my opinion, generic and boring (no offense) cafe games.
  7. we promote fairly- promotions happen to hard-working people, not just with specific avatars. (again, no offense, though that’s the stereotype)

these are the rules for the group and the game. if something isn’t on the list, just use common sense and follow the roblox ToS.

general rules:

  1. don’t bypass.
    this should be clear, but when you have a group like this, bypassing happens often. so yeah, just don’t. you’ll get a server ban for 1 offense or perm ban for multiple offenses.

  2. don’t be toxic.
    again, I have to make this clear for everyone. toxicity is bad. please fool around, it’s fun, but when you start arguments and start targeting people, it’s not fun for anyone, including the people in said arguments. server ban for 1 offense, perm ban for multiple offenses.

  3. follow the roblox ToS.
    obviously, you always have to, but I’m pointing it out here for extra emphasis.

  4. whether you are a staff or a customer, go fool around and troll. it’s what makes our cafe different, so go have fun!


We only allow trolling (make sure it is light-hearted) if the other person started it and if it isn’t rude/bypassing/doing something severe. It’s ok to have fool around and have fun, we encourage it, but don’t break the roblox ToS.

staff rules:

  1. you can admin abuse to an extent. it’s cool to have fun, maybe using ;char, ;h, just fun things in general. just don’t do things such as breaking the game and kicking/banning everyone.

  2. MRs and HRs, please, be active. if you aren’t, you will be demoted. sorry.


here are the ranks and stuff. because of the small amount of ranks made at the moment, expect to stay on each rank for a decently long time.

rank requirements:


noob food person
pass trainings

food person
pass 2 trainings

senior food person
pass 3 trainings as well as be a great example of a food person


staf assistant
be picked from the senior food people. just work or whatever, and make sure to report all severe rule-breakers and admin abusers.

super visor
these are staff assistants who clearly help out by banning rulebreakers, being helpful and hosting trainings. they also must add at least 1 crucial improvement of the group.


be a really really really good super visor and help out and stuff. i don’t have any clear requirements yet.

be a manager that is trustworthy, helps out with crucial parts of the game, and has been with us for a decent amount of time
bored of directors
the top staff members. currently closed.

rank responsibilities:

LR: not much, just work behind the counter when you can.
MR: keep in contact with HRs or the owner, host trainings sometimes, deal with rule-breakers temporarily until an HR comes.
HR: keep in contact with the owner, host trainings when you can, deal with rule-breakers any time it comes up, help out with improving the group.

A Complete and Comprehensive Guide to Getting Promoted (WIP)

so, you wanna learn how to rise up to be an HR? great! here are instructions and guidelines to get promoted to each rank!


member to noob food person

it seems like you want to know how to get promoted. since you’re already here, I’ll have you know that getting the first rank is pretty easy.

just read the rules section and the ranks section in this dev forum topic and then attend a training.

trainings happen at set times and you can also get a training when an HR is online just by contacting them while with a group of people while they are in-game.

note that they will only give you an exclusive training if they want to (all staff have a choice to not give you a random training for any reason, as long as it is a valid and reasonable one). if they ask you to stop asking them, they have permission to ban you from the game if you do not comply.

if you cannot get a random training, simply try to aim for the set times.

trainings consist of a few questions, an order simulation, and a trolling simulation. if you fail 3 times (a feat that is pretty hard tbh), you will have to catch another training.

good job! after you pass a training, you are now a “food person”! this means you can go behind the counter and serve customers.

noob food person to food person

this isn’t too hard to get either. just do another training and be active! (when you are noob food person rank already, your training will be slightly longer and have more questions.)