Ingame build save

I’ve had a cool game idea in mind. A game where everything you build ingame saves automaticly in a big open world, even when you leave.

How would something like this be done?
Can this even be done?

Idk but MessagingService can be helpful if you want to try

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I did something simular with placeable signs a while ago, when the server shuts down(game:BindToClose()) it would loop through a folder in workspace the signs are saved in, and save them to a datastore, then later when another server is launched it loads them all in. I also used messaging service to allow these signs to replicate across servers in real time, IDK if this is a good way of doing what your talking about, or if this is what you meant but, thats how I did builds that save even when your not online. Here is an uncopylocked place with the system in it: